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Alien thoughts

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4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #34 by fishing_soul
fishing_soul created the topic: Alien thoughts
It all started a couple years ago. I would see things I knew couldn’t be real. Things would seem like they moved and when recorded, I would see that they didn’t move. It’s then that I started to hear whispering in my head. I couldn’t understand what was being said. I would strain to hear and only get a word here or there. After some time it would allow me to hear more words and sentences. All of it was pointing to tell me to hurt myself. They said I didn’t deserve to live any longer. Then the voice switched to become the devil and that God won’t take me and that I need to kill myself. Over some time of hearing this and much more, I was told that I need to end my life and that shoving a spike in my ear would go through my head and kill me fast. So over time I went into Home depot and found the spike they wanted me to use. I then shoved it all the way in my ear and slammed my hand against it to drive it as far as it would go. It went in and took out my ear and my balance, so I wobbled around Home depot until I landed at the paint dept. They called ambulance and police and took me away to hospital. The voices were just laughing the whole time. I went on and talked with them and over time I got not believing in what they were saying. I went to a church and tried that route. I even got re-baptized. All that got me was more laughing. I ended up wondering the streets and landed in a hospital again. The doctors pumped me full of crazy pills. I still had the voices. I even underwent shock therapy. Again they pumped me full of crazy people. All this time no one believed a word of what I said. While talking to my voices I found out that they were in fact aliens and that they were just playing with me like a child plays with a toy. I talked more and more with my voices and found out this and that. Now half of what they say is a lie. So how much of what I know is true. I do know that they are aliens and that they aren’t/can’t hurt me anymore. I can just say no to whatever they want me to do. I am getting along with my voices a lot better than before. I know that I can live with what is going on, I have no choice but to make the best out of it. I have the support from someone I care a lot about, to help me through it all. She’s been my rock to cling to in many instances.
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