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stories from my "hearing voices" experience--can anyone follow suit?

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1 year 3 months ago #1216 by voicehearer11
voicehearer11 created the topic: stories from my "hearing voices" experience--can anyone follow suit?
Has anyone ever had a sense of being moved or touched by a person or group of people who could not be seen in the room, in the same way one might hear people who were not there? I have felt sensations from my life, like my mother gently squeezing my toes while standing at the end of my bed and someone checking for wetting with fingertips on my buttocks. (I have seen a friend do this with her young children.) I have seen tactile hallucinations mentioned in a textbook in discussion of schizophrenia, but the terrible part is that I believe I am hacked via an implanted device that has not been found. The term hallucination then does not really apply to this situation, since it involves communication from other people, though not ones in the vicinity. What do you think? Does anyone else have kinds of voices or other perceptions that they would want to share? Ways of dealing with such a situation?
I know this is a very unusual belief, and that it cannot be quickly or easily resolved or evaluated, though everyone knows there is a first time for any new application of technology. One popular-science-genre book containing information on known technologies that might be used in such an alleged attack is Michio Kaku, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest To Understand, Enhance and Empower the Mind (2014). A book about futuristic crimes involving hacking of various kinds is Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World by Marc Goodman (2015). The latter book has a chapter called “Hacking You.” The chapter does not mention the situation I seem to be in specifically but warns that technologies that could be used in malicious ways against consumers are rapidly evolving.

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