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Synthetic Voices - Hello from Keith

5 months 3 weeks ago #1218 by Keith
Keith created the topic: Synthetic Voices - Hello from Keith
Hello everyone, pleased to make your acquaintance.

My wife sent me a link to this wonderful website, I had no idea that something like this even existed.

I had always felt that there were likely many people that hear voices, that it's not always unhealthy for the individual, and that there was much more to be understood. In fact I believe it will lead to a greater understanding of ourselves as people.

My angle is a little bit different - in that I hear voices mostly in the sound and experiments I create. I'm not sure what is accepted here and what isn't, so out of respect I'll keep my explanation brief.

I listened to a radio for years with the intent of hearing voices, or as I saw it - making the voices clearer by using noise reduction software. Over time they slowly began to get clearer. At some point I accidentally created synthetic audio streams (without a radio) to try to mimic human voice. It only became clear to me a year or two later that what I was doing was copying technical aspects of how human voice sounded. In doing so, I created a "synthetic" voices, and I intentionally listen to them to help train my brain as a creativity tool.

After years of this kind of work, I began to hear the same voice in ceiling fans, bathroom fans, computer fans, etc. In my case, I believe you could describe me as someone who induced voices - unintentionally. In addition, I also do the same with images...pictures. I've also streamed these live (under other pretenses) Have sent email to organizations and institutions like Princeton, etc and not once did I receive a single reply.

It has led me on a fascinating journey to understand more about how the brain works, how we work, and how the two meet together!

I have nothing to sell, no agenda other than to discover. I extend my compassion for people here who have endured suffering and difficulties by hearing voices.

Because of my unique position of inducing voices, and my already existent proclivities to extend and/or stretch my mind in a psychological way, as well as having been painted as "an eccentric".......as well as past drug abuse and childhood psychological challenges - I felt I would like to reach out to you good people and say hello as I feel there will be some things in common.

My perspective came from the areas of life after death and such. There are many people in those "niches" who hear their own types of voices - of course it is different for everyone. I know people that hear nothing, and others that listen to a recording and hear something different every time!

Work for a law firm by day and by night I pursue a better understanding of these complex areas.

Either way, I am confident that we are all very complex machines and we've only begun to scratch the surface.

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1 month 1 week ago #1262 by voicehearer11
voicehearer11 replied the topic: Synthetic Voices - Hello from Keith
I think you have a similar situation in some ways to mine. I feel I can tell I have voices that are induced by other human beings using modern electronics of some kind. Do I have it right that you believe that by working on voices with a synthesizer, you somehow induced voices in your own brain? Or perhaps from objects such as lamps in your own home?

I believe that the voices (and other unusual sensory experiences that I have) are coming from an internal device attached to a nerve or in my brain! Why? One reason is that ear protection such as foam earlplugs plus external earmuffs does not stop the voices. They also go on no matter where I am, though they change from time to time in very specific ways. If something has seemed to come from a particular appliance, have you tried to get a recording? I have tried that! On the other hand, doubtless you know of technologies that can make sounds sound like they are coming from a specific direction. What are your thoughts on that idea, given that you have some knowledge of voice synthesis as someone in the field yourself?
Have you heard of a book called The Future of the Mind, by the scientist and science writer Michio Kaku from a few years ago? As a person with an induced voices theory, I know it may be of interest to you. It has a chapter on technologies that help people communicate at a great distance with no visible phone or other device. This is the sort of idea I have in mind with the idea that I have an implanted device that is helping someone reach me without my permission.

Thank you.

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