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The random nature of the voices in my head

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4 months 3 weeks ago #1225 by NeverAlone
NeverAlone created the topic: The random nature of the voices in my head
I'm not sure when I started hearing voices like I do now but it was in my adulthood. I remember two times when I heard an audible. The first was in my freshman year in college. I'd gotten into it with a guy in my dorm, got a physical advantage over him, and was about to do some serious damage before he could react. I drew back my fist and someone yelled, "No!" I retreated and the incident ended without either of us getting hurt. I asked my roommate after it was over if he'd said something and he hadn't. The other was the next year during summer break. I had gone through a bad breakup and heard a voice that calmly said, "Let it go," referring to the anger I was carrying with me. I was in my room alone at the time.

My voices are nothing like that now. They come as thoughts, like my inner monologue, but they're not my voice and I'm not in control of what they say. They're quite random and sometimes weird. It is extremely rare that they have anything to do with my current activity. Imagine walking through a party or other gathering and capturing fragments of discussions or even single words. That's what it's like. Here are some examples, just from today...

  • Like, how dare you
  • And there you have a mini prison sentence
  • slut
  • in Hawaii
  • off the streets
  • resolved (this one actually related to what I was looking at when it occurred)
  • He's too busy... (from a distance) Apples!
  • Chill
  • let me go

I have ADHD and can't take most of the medications due to an intolerance for stimulants. I think this may partly explain the random nature of what I hear. What triggers them, however, is still a mystery. I thought it was lack of sleep at one point but that doesn't seem to do it alone. Other theories include anxiety and boredom. I sometimes go several months without hearing them and other times can't go several minutes. If I'm focused on something, especially if I'm hyper-focused, they usually don't appear. They're always intrusive but never disruptive. The most that might happen is for me to chuckle lightly because what I heard was so far from out of left field. Like one of my favorites of all time: Larry the sandwich.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #1251 by RobinM
RobinM replied the topic: The random nature of the voices in my head
I have been having the same problems. If you need to talk, my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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