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Adapted HVN-USA Charter for Forum Use

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7 years 9 months ago #2 by ChrisC
ChrisC created the topic: Adapted HVN-USA Charter for Forum Use
Here is an abbreviated version of our Charter to serve as a guideline in our discussions here. We have just edited out a couple of the things that really apply more to the groups where people are gathering "in person," and kept the things that are more about our general values and approach. There were also a couple word changes, like placing the word "forum" where the Charter says "group." We, of course, encourage you to read the full Charter by clicking on the tab at the top of our website. This Charter was adapted from the hard work and careful thought of many individuals connected with HVN England.

  • Ethos of self-help
  • Ethos of mutual respect, support and empathy
  • Acceptance that voices, visions, tactile sensations and other unusual or extreme experiences are real
  • Acceptance that people are not less for having voices, visions, tactile sensations and other unusual or extreme experiences
  • Attendance is completely voluntary and self-determined
  • Primary focus is sharing experiences - no more, no less
  • No assumption of illness
  • Freedom to interpret experiences in any way
  • Freedom to challenge social norms
  • Freedom to talk about anything, not just voices and visions
  • Not a 'treatment program'
  • Social forum not clinical forum
  • No clinical pressure on anyone to report back on attendance, participation, etc.
  • No one expert; All are experts
  • Ordinary, common language is used
  • No risk assessment
  • Confidentiality within forum is maintained as much as possible
  • Forum is aware of any limits to confidentiality
  • No referral needed
  • Forum is a community to which people belong
  • Members join for as long as it suits them
  • Forum open to people not using services
  • Forum open to people from other geographical areas
  • Ethos of accepting people as they are
  • Forum is not a form of treatment to make people better
  • Forum decides limits to confidentiality
  • Equality between everyone in the forum
  • Decisions are made by all the forum together
  • Problems are worked out within the forum
  • Responsibility lies primarily with the forum not the moderator
  • The forum is moderated by people with lived experience[/li}
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