Hearing Voices & Extreme States - Eugene

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Organization Name:

Eugene/Springfield Hearing Voices


First and Third Thursday of Every Month
First Thursdays: 1pm Third Thursdays: 10am

Trauma Healing Project


631 E 19th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97403

We are currently meeting in person the first Thursday of the month at 1 PM, and on the third Thursday at 10 AM, at the Trauma Healing Project, 631 E 19th Ave, Eugene, OR.  Our website for more information is: https://www.differentminds.us/eshv/

Here's the description of the focus of the group:

This group is a safe, accepting, peer-led place to share and explore experiences such as hearing voices, having visions, and unusual or extreme states of consciousness.

  •  What does it mean to have these experiences?
  •  Are they best thought of as illness, or as a reaction to trauma, or as spiritual, or as a possibly valuable part of mental diversity?
  •  What are the most helpful ways of coping with and of solving the problems they sometimes cause?
  •  Is it possible to transform one's relationship to the experiences so that life can go on as well or better than before the experiences began?


This group is open to everyone who hears voices, sees visions, experiences extreme states and/or has unusual beliefs, whether or not a person has a mental health diagnosis or takes medication.  The group aims to be inclusive, non-judgmental, pro-treatment choice and pro-diversity.

Contact Information:

Ron Unger
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