New Haven Community Hearing Voices Group

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Full HVN-USA Member

Organization Name:

Connecticut Hearing Voices Network


2:00 - 3:00 pm

Wilson Library, Second Floor,


303 Washington Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519

One in ten people in the U.S. say they have at some point heard voices, seen visions, or otherwise experienced reality in a way that differed from those around them. These experiences are common, and many people who have them have no mental health diagnosis or other mental difficulties.

Hearing Voices Network groups provide a safe space for people to share their personal experiences of voices, visions, and other sensory perceptions, while offering support to one another. CTHVN groups are not clinical and have no clinical presence. They focus on mutual respect, peer support, and community, not therapy or treatment. The groups can offer an opportunity for people to accept and find meaning in their experiences in a way that helps them regain power over their lives. ?

CTHVN groups welcome the diversity of experiences and views of the members. Rather than seeing one belief system as more valid than another, all explanations for voice and vision experiences are valued. No assumption of illness is made, but individuals are honored as the expert on themselves, respecting that our humanness is expressed through our experiences

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