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Albany Hearing Voices

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Full HVN-USA Member

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Linn County Mental Health helps support the group happening.


Wednesday on Zoom and Thursday in Person
11:00 am until noon

We meet both in person on Thursday's, and we meet on Zoom on Wednesday's


1115 28th Ave SW, Albany, OR 97321 (United Methodist Church)
Albany, OR 97321

The Albany Hearing Voices group is free and open to the public for individuals who hear voices, see visions or have had other types of experiences that may be considered extreme or unusual. We accept that the Voices and experiences are real and that they are something to be explored. The group is a confidential and safe space to share these experiences without judgment or stigma. 

Our in person group is held weekly on Thursday at 11:00 am until noon (Pacific Time).

Our Zoom group is held weekly on Wednesday at 11:00 am until noon (Pacific Time).

Join the Albany Hearing Voices Zoom Meeting by calling for the link at 541-220-0795


Contact Information:

David Marshall