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HVN USA Call for ProposalsDedicated to the voices that we cannot see, to those who’ve not yet had space to be heard or discovered, and to gathering our collective strength to push back against those forces that have historically drowned us out.
For a printable version of the Call for Proposals, click here. Otherwise, fill out our on-line form here!
Hearing Voices USA is proud to present the 9th World Hearing Voices Congress: A Revolution of Unseen Voices. The Congress will be held August 16 to August 18, 2017 at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  The Voices Congress is a time for us to come together from across the world—those who hear voices, see visions, and experience other unusual phenomenon, as well as those who wish to learn from us and those with whom we choose to ally. It is a space to connect, to gain strength, to share knowledge, and to push and stretch the boundaries of our understanding. Together, we are not alone.  
As we seek to create this space—both restorative and empowering– we reach out to you to help us make it real.  We are currently seeking proposals (20, 60, or 90 minutes in length) from individuals across the world. A variety of perspectives and topics are welcome, but   proposals that include interactive components and/or focus directly on the experiences of voice hearing, visions, unique beliefs, and negotiating alternate realities (including how this movement might intersect with other liberation movements) will be prioritized.
We also welcome proposals for creating offerings like music. This form can be used for those, as well.Proposals are due by 5pm/17:00 Eastern Daylight Savings Time (GMT-4) on April 3, 2017 is a project supported by the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Healthcare’s Hearing Voices Research and Development Fund, partnered with voice hearers from the Western Mass RLC.

The fund has already sponsored the training of over 100 Hearing Voices group facilitators in 5 states across the nation. With 90 groups currently listing themselves here on, the next phase of our project wants to answer the question “Why are Hearing Voices groups so useful for voice hearers?” That’s where the survey comes in.

OurVoicesRaised survey flyer

If you’re a voice hearer, have taken part in a Hearing Voices group and are 18 years or older, please consider sharing your knowledge and experience. To learn more about it, check us out at There, you’ll find the survey and a brand new community created to provide a space for groups to network and for all of us to share our stories!

web linksThere is a new ONLINE opportunity to connect, share experiences, and find mutual support! 

WHEN: First and Third Wednesday of every month, 7PM to 8:30pm Eastern / 4PM to 5:30pm Pacific

HOW: The group will use the ZOOM meeting platform which is free to download on computers and Smartphones. Call-in option is also available.

WHO: This group is for those with personal lived experience with hearing voices, seeing visions, and/or negotiating alternative realities.

CONTACT: With further questions and for details on how to access the group please email Caroline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hearing Voices Facilitator trainings are three-day trainings intended to prepare interested individuals to start or sustain Hearing Voices groups in their areas.

3-day Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training - Dallas, Texas: with Caroline White and Marty Hadge. March 6th to March 8th (application deadline is January 30th). Click here for application and additional details!

3-day Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training - Atlanta, Georgia: with Caroline White and Marty Hadge. April 3rd to April 5th (application deadline is February 24th). Click here for application and additional details in Word format and here for a PDF!

3-day Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training - Holyoke, Massachusetts: with Caroline White and Marty Hadge. April 18th to April 20th (application deadling is March 3rd. Click here for application and additional details in Word format and here for a PDF!

And, if you're in the Dallas, Texas  or Atlanta, Georgia area, but don't have time to check out a full training, consider attending one of these two great public events:

'Lunch & Learn' on Thursday, March 9th from 12pm to 1:30pm with Caroline White and Marty Hadge. Click here for a flyer and more details!

'What Can We Learn from People Who Hear Voices?' on Wednesday, April 5th from 7pm to 8:30pm with Jacqui Dillon, Gail Hornstein, Caroline White, Marty Hadge, and Gina Nikkel. Click here for a flyer and more details!


2017 congress save the date

The World Hearing Voices Congress will be coming to the United States next year. Be sure to mark your calendars now! 

August 16-18, 2017
Boston University, Boston, MA, USA

Please download and distribute the flyer to spread the news! If you haven't yet, sign up to receive our email newsletter for all the details to come.

We are pleased to announce that our most recent open call for new Board Members has resulted in eight new people joining our group!

They include:HVN USA bod resize1

▪ Andrea Easton - Massachusetts
▪ Berta Britz - Pennsylvania
▪ Jeannie Bass - Massachusetts
▪ Lisa Planting - California
▪ Noel Hunter - New York
▪ Susan Grubb - New York
▪ Teressa Ford - Georgia
▪ Tim Ness - Colorado

They join the following existing members:

▪ Brenda Hammond - Idaho
▪ Francisco Gonzalez - Rhode Island
▪ Lisa Forestell - Massachusetts
▪ Oryx Cohen - Massachusetts
▪ Patrick Hayes - Illinois
▪ Sera Davidow - Massachusetts

Along with our international representatives:

▪ Peter Bullimore - United Kingdom
▪ Rachel Waddingham - United Kingdom

Want to learn more about the Board members? Read their bios here!

Initially, we had really hoped to further diversify our geographical representation. However, applications continued to lean heavily toward the Northeast and so the Board collectively decided to prioritize active energy to participate above geography for this round. Although geographic representation is critical, right now we're at a stage where building energy and momentum is the most essential next step and we hope that geographic diversity will follow.

That said, a couple of spots remain open, and the Board has determined that it will only accept applicants from outside of the Northeast for the foreseeable future.

Interested applicants can apply here.