The Hearing Voices Network USA website has been upgraded!  You'll probably notice that the appearance of the site has changed, but that's not all that has happened.  We've also upgraded the site's functionality to fix some of the problems that were impacting use of the website, and to make way for exciting and useful new features.  You should definitely check out our new map-based Find a Group page!  We're hoping that it will make it easier for people to locate HVN groups near them, and to watch as the Hearing Voices Movement grows within the United States!

We've also revamped the functionality for registering your HVN-USA groups on the website.  Hopefully this will make listing your new HVN group here easier and more straightforward.  Anyone can list their group on this website to get the word out and make it visible nation-wide.  All you need to do is create an account on this website and click on "Register HVN-USA Group".  We've provided detailed instructions to make the process easier.

Finally, we're making strides to create a more dynamic and engaging experience for visitors to our website.  Come again soon to see new articles, many new training opportunities, and updated resources and information.  And, stay tuned for even more new website features to come!