We are pleased to announce that our most recent open call for new Board Members has resulted in eight new people joining our group!

They include:HVN USA bod resize1

▪ Andrea Easton - Massachusetts
▪ Berta Britz - Pennsylvania
▪ Jeannie Bass - Massachusetts
▪ Lisa Planting - California
▪ Noel Hunter - New York
▪ Susan Grubb - New York
▪ Teressa Ford - Georgia
▪ Tim Ness - Colorado

They join the following existing members:

▪ Brenda Hammond - Idaho
▪ Francisco Gonzalez - Rhode Island
▪ Lisa Forestell - Massachusetts
▪ Oryx Cohen - Massachusetts
▪ Patrick Hayes - Illinois
▪ Sera Davidow - Massachusetts

Along with our international representatives:

▪ Peter Bullimore - United Kingdom
▪ Rachel Waddingham - United Kingdom

Want to learn more about the Board members? Read their bios here!

Initially, we had really hoped to further diversify our geographical representation. However, applications continued to lean heavily toward the Northeast and so the Board collectively decided to prioritize active energy to participate above geography for this round. Although geographic representation is critical, right now we're at a stage where building energy and momentum is the most essential next step and we hope that geographic diversity will follow.

That said, a couple of spots remain open, and the Board has determined that it will only accept applicants from outside of the Northeast for the foreseeable future.

Interested applicants can apply here.