idha imageThe Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA) has released information about its upcoming spring training series: Cultivating Community, Creating the Conditions for Care

From their website: This virtual series seeks to shine a light on the essential role of community, connection, and relationship in building care systems that center collective liberation. We will explore how we can create the conditions for community in a range of diverse settings; discuss community as a form of resistance to oppression; and introduce concrete approaches, tools, and strategies to foster community care in and outside of the mental health system.



Shifting the Healing Paradigm: Reclaiming Our Collective Nature, April 24, 12-3pm EST
Equalizing Power: Mental Health and the Creation of the Common, May 8, 12-3pm EST
Nourishing Relationships: Trust, Intimacy, and Consent, May 22, 12-3pm EST
Centered Belonging: Creating Space for Embodied Connection, June 5, 12-3pm EST
Holding Difference: Moving Toward Liberatory Futures through Conflict, June 19, 12-3pm EST


To register or for more details, click HERE!