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Join us on Thursday, December 5th, 2019 for a screening of the new documentary, 'Beyond Possible: How the Hearing Voices Approach Transforms Lives.' The screening will be held at Pathways Community Center, 928 E Sahara, Las Vegas at 7pm. A panel discussion with filmmakers, cast members, and Hearing Voices USA Board Members will follow!

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2019 congress sidebarThe Call for Proposals to present at the World Hearing Voices Congress scheduled for November, 2019 in Montréal, Canada is here!

The World Hearing Voices Congress will take place from November 11 to November 13. It is an opportunity for people involved with (or wanting to be involved with or learn more about) Hearing Voices movements across the world to gather together, network, and learn from one another. You can learn more about the Congress itself by CLICKING HERE.

Unfortunately, due to various problems and miscommunications we are receiving this notice very late. That means we only have until June 7, 2019 to respond!

You can submit your proposal to present by CLICKING HERE for an on-line form or HERE for a Word document.

PLEASE NOTE: You may see April 12 listed in some places as the deadline for applying to present. Please disregard this date, as the call was re-opened, and we've been granted a one week extension until June 7!

Our own Hearing Voices USA board member, Jeannie Bass, recently was interviewed by NBC.  Jeannie had this to say about the experience, 

Having the opportunity to be part of a documentary piece with a mainstream network like NBC on the worldwide hearing voices movement was extremely exciting but also challenging. I wasn’t prepared for how difficult sharing my innermost experiences would be on both me and the voices I hear that others don’t. At several points throughout the 2 day interview it felt like I might not be able to keep going (including when I began hearing the filmmaker Marshall’s voice from inside and at times outside my head as well as at the end when I was stung by a family of wasps on the beach while talking on camera) but in the end it was totally worth it. I am appreciative that the film makers took the time to step into my world and try to understand what life for a voice hearer can be like. It isn’t all good or bad for many of us but rather some combination varying day to day. NBC was respectful from start to finish and I feel truly showed a balanced view of the hearing voices movement through my own experience as a voice hearer. This sentiment was echoed by many others in the movement who viewed the piece.

Thank you Jeannie!

View the complete segment here


  “Our Voices Raised” which is a research project and survey connected to the larger Hearing Voices Research and Development Project through the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care. This survey is for people who have participated in Hearing Voices groups across the United States. It offers you a chance to share your experience in a Hearing Voices group and to offer a picture of what it is like to hear voices, see visions, or have other experiences that many do not understand. 

The survey is part of a scientific study in partnership with Mount Holyoke College and theWestern Mass Recovery Learning Community. Instead of just collecting data, this research has been jointly informed by the expertise of researchers and community members who have themselves participated in Hearing Voices groups. Participation is completely voluntary. You should not feel pressured in any way to complete the survey. Participation will not affect any of your other supports or services. Even if you decide to participate, you can change your mind, stop, skip any question, or delete your information. 

Click HERE to begin the survey.

You can also download a paper version of the survey by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions about how to distribute or talk to people about this survey, please contact Caroline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before you proceed. 


The Western Mass RLC has also been working with folks down South to help this information be more broadly available. We are pleased to report that you can also find Peter and Shaun offering one-day workshops on Voices and Unusual Beliefs in Florida on Monday April 29th and Tuesday, April 30th


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Peter Bullimore and Shaun Hunt will be returning to us from England to offer another round of Maastricht Interview trainings. The first three-day training will focus on hearing voices. The second will focus on unusual beliefs and what often gets called ‘paranoia’.

The Maastricht Interview is a semi-structure questionnaire that can be used to support people who hear voices, and has also been adapted for individuals with unusual beliefs. The original format was developed by Sandra Escher, Marius Romme, and voice hearer, Patsy Hage as a way to explore the experience of voice hearing in depth and provide the tools needed to build trust, openness and understanding. It can assist people in a number of ways including:

•Validating the experiences and overcoming shame 
•Offering space and support to systemically map out all aspects of the experience and build insight 
•Empower the individual by promoting acceptance and the opportunity to take charge

Individuals who participate in either training will:

•Learn how to conduct the interview 
•Undertake 2 interviews with people who have first-hand experience with voice hearing and unusual beliefs 
•Write reports and develop constructs 
•Develop shared understanding of voices and/or unusual beliefs and ways to support people

This training is particularly intended for people working in clinical or conventional provider environments, but peer supporters, family members, and friends have also taken the training and found it helpful, too. There is also a brand new on-line forum specifically to support continued learning and practice for individuals across the world who have taken the Maastricht training.

Maastricht Interview for Hearing Voices

Wednesday, April 17 to Friday, April 19 
@ Clarion, West Springfield

CLICK HERE For more information or to register for the Maastricht Interview training for Hearing Voices

Maastricht Interview for Unusual Beliefs

Monday, April 22 to Wednesday, April 24 
@ Clarion, West Springfield

CLICK HERE For more information or to register for the Maastricht Interview training for Unusual Beliefs

Each 3-day session costs $150. Reduced fees or scholarships are available upon request.