Minigrant flyer updateMini-grants of $500 are now available for groups interested in organizing public events that share the power and diversity of the Hearing Voices movement in the USA.

Grant applications will be accepted from groups or individuals with an idea for a project or event that will help raise awareness about the experience of hearing voices (seeing visions, etc.) and to raise awareness about the Hearing Voices Movement.

Some ideas to get you thinking:
* Art installations
* Panel discussions
* Speaker events (in person or via Skype!)
* Story-sharing
* Events focused on the voice-hearing experiences of particular groups (Veterans, First Nations, young people, etc)

Feel free to be creative!

Funds can be used as a primary budget or combined with other money for larger events. Successful applicants will also receive support (brainstorming outreach ideas, paying bills related to the grant, considering next steps after the event has taken place, etc.) through the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community in implementing their idea.

All applications are due by March 30, 2018. If funds remain, additional proposals may be considered on a rolling basis after this date.

Click here for more details and an application.

Hearing Voices group facilitator trainings are intended for people who hear voices, see visions, and/or have other unusual experiences, as well as providers, allies, friends, family and others who are interested in starting or suppoting Hearing Voices groups. They include opportunities to learn about the history of the Hearing Voices movement, to expand understanding of the hearing voices experience, and to build understanding about and skills related to facilitation of Hearing Voices groups. Please see information below about a couple of the next Hearing Voices trainings coming up soon!

Holyoke, Massachusetts, Spring 2018: Four-day Hearing Voices Group Facilitation training.  Tuesday, May 29 to Friday, June 1st at Holyoke Community College. Facilitated by Caroline Carlton and Marty Hadge. This is intended for individuals who are interested in starting new Hearing Voices groups or supporting existing ones in their area.  Please see the attached application for additional details regarding location, and time:  CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION



HVN USA Facilitator Trainers Lisa Forestell and Marty Hadge recently presented a webinar for Hearing Voices Network of Lower Hudson Valley, New York. This webinar is now available for replay online for free. It is about one hour in length. Among other things, it covers the history, values and ethics of the HVN approach. Lisa and Marty also share personal stories regarding their own experiences with voice hearing, how it affected their interactions with others inside and outside the traditional mental health system, and experiences participating in and facilitating HVN USA groups.  There is also a great Q&A session at the end.

Click here to check it out!

Note: It will ask for a name and email address to register for playback.    

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'Experiences of hearing voices: analysis of a novel phenomenological survey', The Lancet Psychiatry, March 2015 

coverThe results from a new research study about the experiences of hearing voices have been published. This study was a collaboration between Hearing the Voice and the Lived Experience Research Network. 

"Completed by 153 people (including 26 who have no history of mental illness), our open-ended online questionnaire aimed to strip away assumptions about what we think voice-hearers are experiencing, and instead ask people to describe what it is like to hear voices in their own words."

Click here to check it out!