Hearing Voices Networks & Group Sites:

USA Regional Sites:


International Sites:

Hearing Voices Network - Aotearoa (New Zealand): The Hearing Voices Network based in New Zealand -

Hearing Voices Network - Australia: The Hearing Voices Network based in Australia -

Hearing Voices Network - Cymru (Wales): The Hearing Voices Network based in Wales -

Hearing Voices Network - Dundee (Scotland): The Hearing Voices Network based in Scotland -

Hearing Voices Network - England: The Hearing Voices Network in England -

Hearing Voices Network -  Ireland: The Hearing Voices Network based in Ireland -

Hearing Voices Network - Netherlands: The Hearing Voices Network based in the Netherlands -

Intervoice: The website representing the International Hearing Voices movement -

Voice Hearer groups in Qu├ębec, and


For Young People:

Voices Collective: A UK-based website for young people who hear, see and sense things others don't. -

We Hear W.A.: A Western Australia-based online peer-support and information space for young voice hearers -


Other Related Sites:

Alaska Mental Health Consumers Website: "The Consumer Web provides peer support, resource development and consumer directed programs that help people improve their lives." -

Antipsychiatry Coalition: A non-profit group of volunteers who feel they have been harmed by the psychiatric system -

Asylum: The Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry - (subscriptions available from

Behind the Label:  The primary website for Rachel Waddingham including articles, resources and training opportunities -

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Based at Boston University, this center is dedicated to research, training and service for individuals with psychiatric diagnoses -

Chipmunka Publishing: A publishing company dedicated to giving voice to individuals who have received psychiatric labels -

Coming Off Psychiatric Medication: A website dedicated to giving you information about medication, how it works and what its like to come off of it -

Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry: An organization in the UK, the CEP exists "to reduce psychiatric harm by communicating the latest evidence to policymakers and practitioners, by sharing the testimony of those who have been harmed, and by supporting research into areas where evidence is lacking" -

Critical Psychiatry Network: A website primarily for psychiatrists and medical students with an interest in psychiatry who are interested in taking a critical look at psychiatry, including related human rights and political issues and challenging mainstream assumptions -

Deptford Hearing Voices:An information source on hearing voices and related experiences for the South London area of England -

Freedom Center: A Massachusetts-based volunteer organization run by and for individuals who have received psychiatric labels focusing on advocacy and support -

Gail Hornstein: The primary website for information about Gail Hornstein - a Psychology Professor at Mount Holyoke College, an author and a leader in bringing the Hearing Voices movement to the US -

Icarus Project: A national community of individuals who have received psychiatric labels and want to share their art, experiences, support and advocacy -

International Guide to the World of Alternative Mental Health: An on-line guide to non-drug based recovery approaches -

Jacqui Dillon: The primary website for Jacqui Dillon, an internationally recognized trainer, author and leader in the English and International HVN movement -

Law Project for Psychiatric Rights: A public interest law firm providing information, advocacy and organization of campaigns against forced drugging and other related topics -

M-Power: A Massachusetts-based advocacy organization run by and for individuals with psychiatric diagnoses -

Mad In America: A resource and a community for those interested in rethinking psychiatric care in the United States and abroad, including: news, personal stories, access to source documents, and the informed writings of bloggers that will further this enterprise. -

       - Here's a group of articles/blogs regarding Hearing Voices on Mad In America:

Mad Pride: Information, resources, stories and events related to Mad Pride -

Madness Radio: Offering "voices and visions from outside of mental health," including archived interviews with a number of nationally and internationally recognized individuals speaking on a variety of topics related to mental health recovery -

Mental Health Client Action Network of Santa Cruz County: A California-based network of individuals with psychiatric diagnoses offering resources, advocacy and support to one another -

Mental Health in the UK: Offering resources and information with a particular focus on creativity by and for individuals with psychiatric diagnoses -

Mental Health Testimony Project: First-hand accounts from individuals who have received psychiatric labels -

MIND (UK), including MIND Publications: A website offering information, books and support for individuals working on recovery -

Mind Freedom International: An international community of individuals who have received psychiatric labels focused on support and advocacy -

National Empowerment Center: Provides information, advocacy and resources related to mental health recovery -

National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy: Provides rights information, advocacy, training, information and an annual conference -

National Perceptions Forum (formerly the National Voices Forum): A forum providing an opportunity for individuals with a variety of unusual experiences, diagnoses, etc. to have a voice (includes art, stories, information, etc.) -

Online Voices Groups

     -An on-line (Yahoo) group for individuals who hear or have heard voices - 

     -An on-line (Yahoo) group for people who hear voices, and those who support them either as carers, friends, family members or professionals -

PCCS Books: A great resources for a number of mental health-related books including some of the core HVN texts -

People Who: Information, advocacy and support for individuals who have lived experience with a variety of mental health-related issues -

Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers Association: Pennsylvania's statewide network for information, advoacy, referrals and support offered by and for individuals receiving pscyhiatric services -

Psychiatric Survivor Archives: Toronto-based organization dedicated to preserving the history and stories of individuals who have received psychiatric labels -

The Psychiatry Mafia: A collection of links and testimony against psychiatry, includes many resources in French and several other languages in addition to English -

Psychminded: A site for all who work in psychiatry, psychology and mental health and who are interested learning, sharing and exploring alternative perspectives -

Rethink (National Schizophrenia Fellowship, UK):  Offering information about psychiatric diagnoses and mental health -

Rufus May: The primary site for Rufus May, who works as a clinical psychologist in England. His interest in recovery from psychosis and other difficulties is rooted in his own experiences of psychosis and subsequent recovery journey -

Successful Schizophrenia: Offering information and advocacy toward a new and broadened perspective on psychiatric diagnoses -

Will Hall:  The primary site for Will Hall, author of Harm Reduction Guide to Coming off Psychiatric Drugs and Withdrawal (available for download at his website), trainer and co-founder of the Freedom Center -

Western Mass Recovery Learning Community: A Western Massachusetts-based community for individuals who have lived experience with psychiatric diagnoses, trauma and/or extreme states providing support, advocacy, training and more -

Working to Recovery: Ron Coleman's site offering information, resources, publications and training on hearing voices and related topics -


Videos, Radio Broadcasts, Etc. 

Jeannie Bass interview with NBC: 

Eleanor Longden's TED Talk: "The Voices in My Head" -

Sounds Mad: Jacqui Dillon on Irish Public Radio, including an interesting segment where actors record versions of Jacqui's voices -

TV Commercials and News Stories from Australia: The Hearing Voices Network in Western Australia produced a couple of TV commercials about hearing voices - and 

     -The Australian Hearing Voices Network is also featured in this news story: 

Madness Radio: Here's a number of radio broadcasts related to voice hearing -