Our own Hearing Voices USA board member, Jeannie Bass, recently was interviewed by NBC.  Jeannie had this to say about the experience, 

Having the opportunity to be part of a documentary piece with a mainstream network like NBC on the worldwide hearing voices movement was extremely exciting but also challenging. I wasn’t prepared for how difficult sharing my innermost experiences would be on both me and the voices I hear that others don’t. At several points throughout the 2 day interview it felt like I might not be able to keep going (including when I began hearing the filmmaker Marshall’s voice from inside and at times outside my head as well as at the end when I was stung by a family of wasps on the beach while talking on camera) but in the end it was totally worth it. I am appreciative that the film makers took the time to step into my world and try to understand what life for a voice hearer can be like. It isn’t all good or bad for many of us but rather some combination varying day to day. NBC was respectful from start to finish and I feel truly showed a balanced view of the hearing voices movement through my own experience as a voice hearer. This sentiment was echoed by many others in the movement who viewed the piece.

Thank you Jeannie!

View the complete segment here